WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal

For a web developer, “which is the best CMS” is the most frequent question they found. You will offered by many kind of nice CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Which is the best from those three? All of the three CMS have the different web optimization at all, and the best of those three is depend on yourselves. Everyone have their own views. Let’s discuss about those three.

WordPress is the most used CMS these days. The reason is simple, because WordPress is easy to install and have so many useful plug-ins. Its control panel is very user-friendly, even beginner Wordpress Developer can easily understand WordPress. But there are some plug-ins in wordpress which can make a PHP error and crash your website. You can easily find the WordPress Demo in the internet.

Joomla, is specially designed for huge sites. Joomla have become popular, because its cool nice visual interface. Joomla is easy to install too, and have many functional plug-ins. The Joomla template can even be modified easily. Joomla CMS is perfect for those who have some technical skills, because Joomla system is more complex than WordPress.

The last CMS which is launched, is Drupal. Drupal is the most advanced CMS on the web. The strength, security, speed, and effectiveness cannot be compared by the other CMS. But you need to learn HTML and PHP in order to make your Drupal perfect. Drupal is more technical than WordPress and Joomla, so it is recommended only for high skilled webmasters.


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