Possible Improvements in Next release of Playstation

The release date or technical details of the upcoming Playstation 4 is yet to be disclosed by Sony, however there are some possible news of definite changes in its architecture, like Sony may be using Multi core CPU instead of cell processing for faster response, the path which many portable device like iPhone 4g or Verizon iPhone. Sony Playstation 4 may not have any real physical dark, unlike its predecessors; game content can only be downloaded on net, and so for playing the games the PS4 must need to be connected to internet always, starting of a new era in Console Game Technology. As far as optical drive is concerned, Blue Ray Drive like PS3 will remain, but Sony will be releasing Playstation 4 in much cheaper price than PS3, allowing more console lovers to get taste of it. However any particular news about its release date or other technical details is yet to be revealed by Sony, which is predicted to be announced no later than middle of this year.


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