Make an Awesome Websites using Joomla

Joomla is under General Public License and offered to everyone, thus you can do anything you want with it. Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS). You can make such a professional website with Joomla, and you will find that it is easier to use and create many different types of sites than before.

You can find that there are many Joomla communities in the Internet, and the communities keep growing. Many people are satisfied with Joomla and create a community to discuss about it. You can find many custom Joomla templates built by people in internet. There are the free ones, but some of them are sold in cheap price. The free templates doesn’t mean it low quality. The reality is you can find many high quality Joomla template which charge you nothing at all.

To learn and modify Joomla itself, you can find easily the web developer guide. It has been spread wide in Internet, and you can find it by Google. The Joomla communities also have made the tutorial board for those who want to learn Joomla even more.

Joomla CMS allow your to install and attach many features on your website. You can find many features, such as calendar, blog, forum, notes, and many more. The quality of the features are awesome, and yet you can use it for free.

WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal

For a web developer, “which is the best CMS” is the most frequent question they found. You will offered by many kind of nice CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Which is the best from those three? All of the three CMS have the different web optimization at all, and the best of those three is depend on yourselves. Everyone have their own views. Let’s discuss about those three.

WordPress is the most used CMS these days. The reason is simple, because WordPress is easy to install and have so many useful plug-ins. Its control panel is very user-friendly, even beginner Wordpress Developer can easily understand WordPress. But there are some plug-ins in wordpress which can make a PHP error and crash your website. You can easily find the WordPress Demo in the internet.

Joomla, is specially designed for huge sites. Joomla have become popular, because its cool nice visual interface. Joomla is easy to install too, and have many functional plug-ins. The Joomla template can even be modified easily. Joomla CMS is perfect for those who have some technical skills, because Joomla system is more complex than WordPress.

The last CMS which is launched, is Drupal. Drupal is the most advanced CMS on the web. The strength, security, speed, and effectiveness cannot be compared by the other CMS. But you need to learn HTML and PHP in order to make your Drupal perfect. Drupal is more technical than WordPress and Joomla, so it is recommended only for high skilled webmasters.


Possible Improvements in Next release of Playstation

The release date or technical details of the upcoming Playstation 4 is yet to be disclosed by Sony, however there are some possible news of definite changes in its architecture, like Sony may be using Multi core CPU instead of cell processing for faster response, the path which many portable device like iPhone 4g or Verizon iPhone. Sony Playstation 4 may not have any real physical dark, unlike its predecessors; game content can only be downloaded on net, and so for playing the games the PS4 must need to be connected to internet always, starting of a new era in Console Game Technology. As far as optical drive is concerned, Blue Ray Drive like PS3 will remain, but Sony will be releasing Playstation 4 in much cheaper price than PS3, allowing more console lovers to get taste of it. However any particular news about its release date or other technical details is yet to be revealed by Sony, which is predicted to be announced no later than middle of this year.

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